Nanette De Ville did a reading for me yesterday and it was very insightful. She was very helpful with some questions I had.

S Carender – Facebook 22-09-16

  • Nanette is insightful, comforting, and a beautiful soul. She is helpful and makes it her mission to help others, not matter what their walk in life may entail.

M Magoch, USA 25 July 2016

Mentors on the spiritual path have many ways of describing the journey of connecting with the essence of who we are and then acting in ways that allow that essence to blossom. Through years of contemplation and searching, Nanette de Ville has shaped a refreshingly simple approach based on her own, unique vision.

Her Soul Healing booklet is a small gem. What sets it apart is that it is not intended to create dependency. Instead, de Ville teaches a path of acceptance and release that enables us to take control of our own lives, without the need for expensive programs or someone else’s answers. Each section is short, clear and easy to implement.

This is a guide to tuck in a place where you can turn to it regularly, when you’re feeling troubled or uncertain or shadowed by past events. The videos de Ville is creating also expand on her wise advice and create a bond with anyone on a path toward a more spiritually grounded life.

C Wellner, Canada 8 June 2016

I have had two readings from Nanette ( Puzzles of the Soul) and they have been so accurate. She picked up on so many things that I have been going thru. She gave thoughtful and loving advice on how to take charge of my life and turn things around. I would recommend her to anyone who would like a reading.

Joanne Facebook, 2015

My friend Nanette has assisted me in the past in finding out the truth about current situations. She is a real clairvoyant and has been spot on about things that were really important. She also assisted me with a special prayer method. She composed some prayers for me to do on my own and they were very effective protection that was felt very quickly.

Miriam, Canada 2014