I had not really heard of healing before.  I had suffered with my back for many years gradually it became worse I ended up with slipped and fused disc along with trapped sciatic nerve the doctors tried many remedies none helped in the slightest. Nanette was a friend I knew she did healing but never forced her views or practices on people. Nanette offered to do some Distant Healing as I lived too far away.  This was also new to me, but Nanette believed in the power of prayer and healing, so I agreed.  The pain did get worse right at the beginning and Nanette advised me of this as my body would begin to move back in to the correct position. Slowly I began to feel better and was able to start walking and moving more easily, I could not believe it after all these years of suffering I was actually getting relief.  After 6 weeks of Nanette’s daily Distant Healing Prayers I was back to normal, incredible and if you were to ask me if this was possible I would never have believed it.   So grateful for Nanette’s dedicated help and her friendship.


J A Armitage UK 1992