Nanette De Ville I got a reading from you today Friday 23rd Sept 2016 , Wow – It was an amazing reading , It was like i had told you what to type , I cant thank you enough , Thank you  Tia

A Maxwell – Facebook 22-09-16

Thank you Nanette De Ville for the accurate reading. Everything she said are true. She describe my personality very well along with my present situation. It was great advice. She is truly gifted. I appreciated the reading. It helps a lot. xx

C Quinzon – Facebook 22-09-16

Wow that is all i can say..that was a wonderful and insightful reading. Lots of if was spot on especially the multi tasking part and jealousy in my line of work. I work with women as clients and colleagues, jealousy and devious moves happens all the times. Hope to have another reading from you soon 😘 thank you so much!


S Sia – Facebook 22-09-16

All I can really say is WOW…Nanette has an amazing gift and it was the most accurate and on point reading I think I have ever received, except this was for free, which makes it even more wonderful! I cannot thank you enough!!

I Ní Bhrádaigh – Facebook 22-09-16

Ma’am did a fantastic and so apt reading for me today. I had loads of issues in my mind which i could not share nor think as to why was it happening, she resolved that all by just one reading. I would keep her in my favourites and will highly recommend her.
She is awesome.

P Singh Facebook 22-09-16