Life as a Natural Healer – 1

Being a healer is great responsibility. Every successful healing which happens is God's doing not the healer. Also every unsuccessful healing is also God's doing. People come to us as a last resort after being failed by the medical profession. The higher the potential of a Healer is down to their Soul and Blood Type … Continue reading Life as a Natural Healer – 1

Difference between 5th and lower dimensions

This is a just a brief example of what I am experiencing now as the 5th Dimension is coming into play.  I chose to step up into the 5th Dimension as I could no longer cope with the mentality of those around me.  I have kept a window for the lower Dimensions as there is … Continue reading Difference between 5th and lower dimensions

Energy Changes

I welcome any clearances or hidden badness to be revealed and cleared away. Now is a time the Holy Angels are forcing issues to be released.  The recent opening and expansion of the Heavenly Realms and Mother Earth's Holy Angels  are expanding in space and soul love. Their energy has already begun their work work. … Continue reading Energy Changes


People think the Corona Virus is the worst yet.  I do not think so there are far worse viruses than this. Many people have diseased minds and some interlink of minds in groups.  Their thinking and living is so sick and abusive. These people or creatures as I prefer to call them believe themselves to … Continue reading Viruses

Deep in the Soul Healing

The Succulent has been enhanced by Evie using special Ancient Celtic Prayers and Mitch has further enhanced the Photograph by projecting more Ancient Celtic prayers during the photo shoot. I have added more Ancient Celtic prayers to the post.  We are three dedicated Ancient Celtic Compassionate Healers working together to  give you a deeper healing … Continue reading Deep in the Soul Healing