Self-healing and Demons

Simply be you, live your life simply Over the many years and following the direct teachings from Soul and Our Heavenly Father.  My reasons for not seeking medical treatment were a result of the medical treatment my family received over the years.  I found it neglegent. I was taught by Our Heavenly Father the illness … Continue reading Self-healing and Demons

Self-healing the Virus

Simply be you, live your life simply It is just over two years ago I had the above sonorgram done to check for cancer it was benign.  Before I could have the scan done I was required to have the mass identified by a Doctor which I did.  The Doctor squeeze the mass so hard … Continue reading Self-healing the Virus

Habouring Anguish and Resentment

Simply be you, live your life simply After reading a post by Don't Lose Hope- Everything Happens For A Reason A very worthy read and it got me thinking about some my own anquish and resentments which I have been harbouring for sometime. My initial plan for when I came to Egypt was to … Continue reading Habouring Anguish and Resentment