A Deeper Look Into Yourself

Pyrite Fools Gold Pyrite gives a warm feeling within.  It is a gentle healer working through your own behaviours which are holding you back and helps to highlight old ways of thinking which links back into your behaviour and moves you onto new ways of thinking and behaving. https://youtu.be/yZNjcNtJhmU Bring your focus on to the … Continue reading A Deeper Look Into Yourself

The Sea Waves Heal

Spiritually Enhanced Photography taken in New Zealand - Photographer Anonymous New Zealand has a magical spirit and sacred areas which have been blessed by the ancient ones. Let's take a look at the photograph to see and feel the effects on your Mind, Body and Emotions. https://youtu.be/cZg0_dfXfr8 As you gaze upon the photograph  How does … Continue reading The Sea Waves Heal