Animism – My Belief

ANIMISM This is my belief  I have been look for a word that encapsulates my beliefs and feeling and I believe Animism describes it perfectly well almost.  I believe everything is connected and all living things have a Soul be them animal, plant or people.  (I do not believe all people have souls, many are … Continue reading Animism – My Belief

Why Light a Candle?

Simply be you, Live your life simply   Why Light a Candle? When you have an everlasting Light within you, a Light which was manifested by the Divine to burn for infinity to connect you directly with Our Heavenly Father and the Divine. The time it takes for you to prepare the candle, light it … Continue reading Why Light a Candle?

Message for Today from Holy Angels 23-02-2019

Holy Angels of Power - Heavenly Father s Holy Angels The Heavenly Father or the Divine Manifestor or Divine Light invites you to commune with His Holy Angels to be more connected with the Heavens to learn to understand yourself in the ways The Divine wishes you to work. You all have times of being overwhelmed, … Continue reading Message for Today from Holy Angels 23-02-2019