Seek the Truth

Today many are looking for the Truth. Many years ago I dedicated myself to God to be a Truth Seeker, that is, I always want to know the Truth even if it hurts. I see too many young people who have become affected by society, the celebs, those who profess to know it all. I … Continue reading Seek the Truth

Truth Seeker

Over thirty years ago I re-confirmed my committment to God and within this I asked God show me the Truth in all things about myself and others.  From this day I became a Truth Seeker. The most difficult part of being a Truth Seeker is being shown your own mistakes, be them thoughts, words and … Continue reading Truth Seeker

Did Jesus really die on the cross for us?

My analysis of Jesus' crucifixion. Did Jesus die on the cross to save us? No! Why did Jesus die on the cross? Jesus died or was crucified because the people, his followers, those he spent time teaching and talking about God's word, those he healed, others he helped - chose evil over him.  They chose … Continue reading Did Jesus really die on the cross for us?