Bless You All

Wish you all Blessings and you have many Miracles in every day. Life can be amazing if you will only let it. Enjoy your Life Lessons explore them to bring new growth and understanding of yourself and others. Clouds often bring messages to us we  have to take time to look and listen. Above is a photo … Continue reading Bless You All

The First Healings -Reblog

Tabs and Jems from being 3 weeks old channeled healing to me from God.  I have been very ill for many years and they would snuggle up to me on the couch and the heat transference was more than just body warmth.  I could feel the heat getting hotter and traveling up and down my … Continue reading The First Healings -Reblog

Did you know Evil people steal your goodness and achievements ?

Did you know Evil people steal your goodness, achievements and future? I was shocked to find this out when I was in a discussion with a friend.  Unscrupulous people of the New Age, and it is unbelievable that so many gullible people just swallow it hook line and sinker. Hey what about questioning the things … Continue reading Did you know Evil people steal your goodness and achievements ?

Why Wait?

I have been questioning why everything that should be done to change the planet is for the generations to come. What about NOW! What about changing for those of us who already live here! Start by making your own home environment clean. - Physically clean - Spiritually clean - Good thoughts, words and actions.

Being Judgemental is it Good or Bad?

Judgemental is a word people view distastefully.  Being Judgemental of others is considered to be lacking compassion and unkind. Being judgemental can be a form of abuse especially when people ridicule, mock, hate and are cruel to others because of their race, religions, culture, traditions, gender and financial status. Being judgemental of race, religion, belief … Continue reading Being Judgemental is it Good or Bad?