Starting From Today

After all the trauma and trials I have been experiencing I am starting out on a new phase of life. I should be spiritually working in the Fifth Dimension. This is a dimension which many I connect to on WordPress should also be maintaining you really are very beautiful souls. The Fifth Dimension is one … Continue reading Starting From Today


Inner Thoughts and Feelings 2

Through my Soul I travel throughout our Universe and also into the Myriad of Divine Galaxies. For me and also you can expand automatically the contact with them. To be able to harness such wisdom knowing it is only a thought away. © September 2020 Nanette de Ville – All Rights Reserved


This is my artwork, it depicts the Soul a good soul    Envisioning is how you make changes.  Visualise and manifest see your end result stop wasting time praying.  Spend time seeing what you desire to be. Project from your Soul and bring into action Holy Archangels and Holy Angels from the planets you require … Continue reading Envisioning

Deep in the Soul Healing

The Succulent has been enhanced by Evie using special Ancient Celtic Prayers and Mitch has further enhanced the Photograph by projecting more Ancient Celtic prayers during the photo shoot. I have added more Ancient Celtic prayers to the post.  We are three dedicated Ancient Celtic Compassionate Healers working together to  give you a deeper healing … Continue reading Deep in the Soul Healing

Habouring Anguish and Resentment

Simply be you, live your life simply After reading a post by Don't Lose Hope- Everything Happens For A Reason A very worthy read and it got me thinking about some my own anquish and resentments which I have been harbouring for sometime. My initial plan for when I came to Egypt was to … Continue reading Habouring Anguish and Resentment

Take a Look at a Moment in Time With reference to my previous post Now is infinity I sat thinking about NOW.  Music started to come into my throughts in particular "One Moment in Time".  I often look back at my life and see nothing and I very sure many of you feel and do the same. I then put the question to my … Continue reading Take a Look at a Moment in Time