Starting From Today

After all the trauma and trials I have been experiencing I am starting out on a new phase of life. I should be spiritually working in the Fifth Dimension. This is a dimension which many I connect to on WordPress should also be maintaining you really are very beautiful souls. The Fifth Dimension is one … Continue reading Starting From Today


Inner Thoughts and Feelings 2

Through my Soul I travel throughout our Universe and also into the Myriad of Divine Galaxies. For me and also you can expand automatically the contact with them. To be able to harness such wisdom knowing it is only a thought away. © September 2020 Nanette de Ville – All Rights Reserved

Our Manifestations

Our manifestations - Our heavenly Father manifests a Soul Group with a myriad of souls. The Lord and Ladies of the Most High help to mold and shape each individual soul manifesting a unique being.  Some souls have similar qualities but not identical. The souls are sprinkled throughtout the Universal Consciousness.  Eventual you find your … Continue reading Our Manifestations