This would be my perfect place I have to have silence, no noise. Bliss! I must be able to use all my senses to feel and hear God and the Divine. If I cannot do this I am not living. Quiet people have a voice too. Loud and noise for me is intolerable. Many people … Continue reading Quietude



Whales are magnificent are they not. I am fascinated by them as they are guardians of our planet Earth. They hold much wisdom far more than we will ever know. Where did the Whales originate from. A watery planet in a far off galaxy, they were brought here eons ago when Earth was first created … Continue reading Whales

Increase your Creativity and more

Increase your Creativity and more... Tiger Eye is an amazing crystal it is raw cut stone with no refinement or polishing and this one just oozes with healing energy.  I have enhanced the Tiger Eye with special prayers to help your healing and work with your self-healing. https://youtu.be/xzkSQtJcw_o Focus on the Tiger Eye it is … Continue reading Increase your Creativity and more