Define Essential Worker?

Number One Essential Workers Is there any wonder why people feel worthless especially now governments are stating "Essential Workers" can resume working. How can they decide "Who is "Essential and who is not" a job type is essential for one person but not another? How can they choose who should provide a service and who … Continue reading Define Essential Worker?

All Lives Matter

    After I wrote the post about Reconciliation I had my usual daily healing nap and as I woke up I started to see a vision of a young woman and she held out her hand to me wanting to be remembered that she died during the Vietnam War her life had been sacrificed … Continue reading All Lives Matter

Time to Heal Yourself

  We have an opportunity to turn our lives around and each of us responsible to make positive changes to heal ourselves, each other and Mother Earth. Use your time well do not squander it as this time will not be repeated again. © 18-06-2020 Nanette de Ville - All Rights Reserved

Increase your Creativity and more

Increase your Creativity and more... Tiger Eye is an amazing crystal it is raw cut stone with no refinement or polishing and this one just oozes with healing energy.  I have enhanced the Tiger Eye with special prayers to help your healing and work with your self-healing. Focus on the Tiger Eye it is … Continue reading Increase your Creativity and more