A Deeper Look Into Yourself

Pyrite Fools Gold Pyrite gives a warm feeling within.  It is a gentle healer working through your own behaviours which are holding you back and helps to highlight old ways of thinking which links back into your behaviour and moves you onto new ways of thinking and behaving. https://youtu.be/yZNjcNtJhmU Bring your focus on to the … Continue reading A Deeper Look Into Yourself

Complete Balance

Crystal Grid by Evie and Photography by Mitch.  All have been energised with their sacred prayers. I really love the Crystal Grid Evie has created for me her choice of crystal is great some of my favourite ones.  Tiger Eye, Amethyst, Pyrite, Smokey Quartz, Snowflake Obsidian, Agate. The combination of the Crystals in this grid … Continue reading Complete Balance