Original Races

Free photo from google images Before I start to write I accept responsibility for my own information as it is derived from my soul. I do not refer to historical or scientific books.  The information I give comes from my inner knowledge. I have been on a truth seeking journey for many years recently my … Continue reading Original Races

Crystal Healing What is it?

My Own Crystal Collection You may be wondering why I am using crystals to do healing as I am an advocate for not buying crystals. Tonnes of Mother Earth is being dug up, broken up which are vital for her functioning and transformation.  To satisfy people's greed and ego they are buying too many. I … Continue reading Crystal Healing What is it?

Check 4Ocean Remarkable Team

https://web.facebook.com/1852520761657982/videos/1309241262607298/ There are not enough amazing words to say about these groups of people operating around the world. Please check out https://web.facebook.com/4oceanBracelets/ Also take time to view their videos the first link about talks about how they sort the waste that has been collected from the Oceans SUPPORT THESE PEOPLE......