Original Races

Free photo from google images Before I start to write I accept responsibility for my own information as it is derived from my soul. I do not refer to historical or scientific books.  The information I give comes from my inner knowledge. I have been on a truth seeking journey for many years recently my … Continue reading Original Races

Destructive Path

Google photo of many viruses The virus is man-made NOT Divine.  Scientists made the virus it was a governmental creation.  Doctors, nurses spread the viruses anything contaminating the Earth and those who inhabit it.  They have an unwritten agenda to support the pharmaceutical companies which poison us and the planet.  It is all about money … Continue reading Destructive Path

Energy Changes

I welcome any clearances or hidden badness to be revealed and cleared away. Now is a time the Holy Angels are forcing issues to be released.  The recent opening and expansion of the Heavenly Realms and Mother Earth's Holy Angels  are expanding in space and soul love. Their energy has already begun their work work. … Continue reading Energy Changes