All Lives Matter

    After I wrote the post about Reconciliation I had my usual daily healing nap and as I woke up I started to see a vision of a young woman and she held out her hand to me wanting to be remembered that she died during the Vietnam War her life had been sacrificed … Continue reading All Lives Matter

Racism is an Evil Word

RACISM IS AN EVIL WORD This is so horrifying and people are people worldwide. Racism is worldwide not just one country you will find it raising its ugly head between cities, counties, states, north and south. All these ugly viewpoints have no place in our world. I believe in unity, love and tolerance. I have … Continue reading Racism is an Evil Word

Who will help or will you turn away

Simply be you live your life simply I was inspired by this post today it really brings it home to me and I am sure many of you. When I started to notice the once friends and one side of my relatives were not real family it came as a shock and hit hard … Continue reading Who will help or will you turn away