Power of Healing – Quiet Please

Healing Orb I have been playing with healing as living in the city here is like a hell hole. So many empty vessels and you know they make a lot of noise. So much I could not tolerate it the other day. One man was in a argument with himself he was shouting loudly it … Continue reading Power of Healing – Quiet Please

Life on Funny Farm

Tabitha and Jemima We want to share what life is like living in Funny Farm. We are two sisters of Egyptian Mau descent. I'm Jemima I would like to give you a brief of our history. Did you know we come from a planet just for Cats or Felines? We do. I have to emphasis … Continue reading Life on Funny Farm

The Healing of Yeshua/Jesus Christ

We did not realise how powerful the Nazarenes or Essenes were in their day.  The power was drawn from God and the fact they kept themselves spiritually and physically clean was all important to them.  They were Masters in the Spiritual Arts which had been handed down from the Egyptian Mystery Schools, Zoroaster teachings and … Continue reading The Healing of Yeshua/Jesus Christ