Self-healing and Demons

Simply be you, live your life simply Over the many years and following the direct teachings from Soul and Our Heavenly Father.  My reasons for not seeking medical treatment were a result of the medical treatment my family received over the years.  I found it neglegent. I was taught by Our Heavenly Father the illness … Continue reading Self-healing and Demons

What is Love?

Love is all encompassing it is an amazing energy the strongest form of love comes from Our Heavenly Father it is pure and powerful.  HIS love for us surmounts all mediocre expressions passed out in the name of Love. Love for each other Love of animals Love of Plants Love of the Planets and Universes … Continue reading What is Love?

Today’s Awareness – Jezebel

Simply be you, live your life simply Time to raise awareness on our lurid world of self-destruction.  So many good people are suffering from the spread and increase of the Jezebel Spirits they are entrapped by the evil by getting hooked on porn, cyber sex, paedophilia, war, satanism, harmful behaviour to others.  The Jezebel spirits … Continue reading Today’s Awareness – Jezebel