Life on funny Farm My Story

Living in Egypt Abuse is the Norm I have been living in Egypt for over eight years now and I have spent the past six years trying to leave. I love the place I chose to build a Spiritual Retreat fresh, clean BUT the Egyptian people make it impossible to create a good environment. If … Continue reading Life on funny Farm My Story

Flame of Love

Flame of Love Many are reminiscing the past Olympic Games which brought so many together under one flame. The one flame which originated from Olympia. We should be looking to the Great Flame the only Flame who can save us. We must shine our part of this Great Flame to the rest of the world. … Continue reading Flame of Love

Bitter Truth

When I studied this beautiful photograph it was not the historical Tombs or the sunset which captured my thoughts but the reflection on the River Nile of the Shining Ones, Golden Beings or Egyptian Anunnaki Ancient Ones. My Soul sank at the thought of having to live here much longer. As these beings were calling … Continue reading Bitter Truth

The Wounded Healer Part 1

To give some background to the information which initiated my latest phase of healing.  I have been undergoing some very intensive healing of late. I was told to clear my deepest wounds. Chiron in Greek Mythology Chiron was notable throughout Greek Mythology for medicine, music, archery, hunting, gymnastics and the art of prophecy. Chiron was known for … Continue reading The Wounded Healer Part 1