Power of Healing – Quiet Please

Healing Orb I have been playing with healing as living in the city here is like a hell hole. So many empty vessels and you know they make a lot of noise. So much I could not tolerate it the other day. One man was in a argument with himself he was shouting loudly it … Continue reading Power of Healing – Quiet Please

Power of Prayer

The power of prayer is great more so than majority of people believe. It is prayer to our Lord God which brings about changes in our lives and others. Most people do not prayer they expect to be given without any commitment to God. I commit every day to God and the Divine. People look … Continue reading Power of Prayer

Bitter Truth

When I studied this beautiful photograph it was not the historical Tombs or the sunset which captured my thoughts but the reflection on the River Nile of the Shining Ones, Golden Beings or Egyptian Anunnaki Ancient Ones. My Soul sank at the thought of having to live here much longer. As these beings were calling … Continue reading Bitter Truth

Who will help or will you turn away

Simply be you live your life simply I was inspired by this post today it really brings it home to me and I am sure many of you. https://sexaddictionpartners.wordpress.com/2020/03/19/that-never-happened/ When I started to notice the once friends and one side of my relatives were not real family it came as a shock and hit hard … Continue reading Who will help or will you turn away