Work together

Simply be you, live your life simply I do not care what your religion or belief all I care about is you. Our societies have thrown us into a spin. You have to calm down and do not listen to the noise. Listen to your own truth this is what counts. We all live in … Continue reading Work together

Who will help or will you turn away

Simply be you live your life simply I was inspired by this post today it really brings it home to me and I am sure many of you. When I started to notice the once friends and one side of my relatives were not real family it came as a shock and hit hard … Continue reading Who will help or will you turn away


Photo from Google Images Is everyone doing just fine?  Most people keep it hidden especially the ones who suffer the most. Struggling with the energy at the moment, whether you take it as Mercury Retrograde or your own reasons why life seems difficult. This has been me for a while gasping to breathe not easy … Continue reading Struggling