Healing “The Virus” W/e 10-02-18

I have been healing myself for over 30 years so I am far from being a beginner.  I work with my Soul in conjunction with God.  My clairvoyance (visions) is such my Soul projects visual information and my clairaudience is accurate (hearing)  plus many other senses.  I am able to quickly assess for myself the … Continue reading Healing “The Virus” W/e 10-02-18

Healing “The Virus” w/e 27-01-18

As with all things when healing we have our good days and difficult days. Exhaustion Serious about healing yourself then you MUST take time to rest and allow your body to heal the illness or repair physical damage. Some healings are the equivalent of having an operation, now would you go running around like there … Continue reading Healing “The Virus” w/e 27-01-18

Healing “The Virus” Five More Updates

Enjoy the journey to improve my health, to increase my faith in my healing skills. My faith in God is very strong.   Natural Healing is only with the power of God and prayer plus guided natural medicines and diets. Nothing more, anything else is not natural healing.  There is no greater healer than God, the … Continue reading Healing “The Virus” Five More Updates