Reiki Demons Re Post

I have been writing and advocating that Reiki for over 20 years is not healing nor is it good.  I have written many posts and deleted them thinking I was being a little harsh, but when it comes to evil there is nothing else you can be. I am not insinuating that all people who … Continue reading Reiki Demons Re Post

The First Healings -Reblog

Tabs and Jems from being 3 weeks old channeled healing to me from God.  I have been very ill for many years and they would snuggle up to me on the couch and the heat transference was more than just body warmth.  I could feel the heat getting hotter and traveling up and down my … Continue reading The First Healings -Reblog

Releasing and the symptoms

Releasing and Cleansing When you have the intention of releasing past issues, emotions and events in your life.  This is done with a statement of commitment and working closely with your soul. It is amazing where we store our trauma, emotions and painful experiences in our life. There symptoms you will experience if you are … Continue reading Releasing and the symptoms

Prayer – Self Defense Through Prayer

The Invocation or Summons In the name of God Divine, Holy of All Holies, Light of All Lights. Jesus Christ of Nazareth Holy Archangel Mikhail and his Holy Angels Holy Planetary Angels and Portal Guardians Holy Warrior and Terrestrial Angels. I NOW adjure you All, to successfully complete the following requests for myself and (NAMED). … Continue reading Prayer – Self Defense Through Prayer