About Tabs and Jems


Tabs and Jems are my two Egyptian Mau Cats.  The main differentiating trait in these cats is the hair or fur colour is just on the tips the hair or fur is white down to the skin.  They are exceptionally strong cats this is part of the breed and they maneuver like a cheetah. They can run up to speeds of 30 miles per hour.  The Mau Cat has a body shape like Bast or Bastet with an “M” marking on the forehead.  The Goddess Bast or Bastet was known for her healing.

Both cats are easy to look after and have a good comand of English and can vocalise words with ease and accuracy.

I have found raising my two kitties from 3 weeks old has been a great transformation in my life.  Their constant love and caring of me is overwhelming at times.

I am a natural healer and both my cats do healing on me.  I have not trained them in any way.  They love God and just do according to God’s will and channel the healing direct from God, and why not!

They do not give healing upon my request it has to come from God and then they will do as they are asked without question.

I have had some amusing and remarkable times with them and I am sure like many cat lovers can relate to my stories.

I will from time to time write about their adventures and mine.  Their teachings and what I learn from their examples.

I hope you will enjoy their adventures.

May God place Blessings on you always.


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