Self Healing


Self Healing is an art which everyone is entitled to do.  Being responsible for your own health is important.

You are being forced now to take care of yourself and your family in all eventualities.

Prescribing your own drugs and medication is not allowed this is controlled the Pharmaceutical companies and Doctors.

A choice to improve your health naturally is something you can easily do by diet, herbs, spices and supplements at least you should not harm yourself unless you are allergic to a natural product there should not be any side effects but check on google there are many good links.

New Form of Healing

We (Evie, Mitch and I) have created a new form of Self-healing through the use of Spiritually enhanced photographs.  The photos are enhanced by special Celtic Prayers only known by my friends Evie, Mitch and myself.  The photographs are unique and there is no way they or the energy can be copied.

Healing For Men

We have created a section of healing devoted to Men.  This time of lockdown has opened up a many memories of heartache and abuse which Men have experienced and they require space and time to heal themselves encouraged to heal by our specialised work.  Men are suffering very much during this time and have no way of trying to understand or deal with their pain.  Triggers created by thoughts, smells, scenarios can bring on attacks of anxiety and fear.

Many of the photographs have been created by a very gifted man who wishes to remain anonymous from New Zealand.  He has supercharged each photograph with Healing Prayers.


Healing Prayer

Feeling Loved




Madonna 1

The Madonna Who Weeps