What is Psychic Attack ?


What is Psychic Attack?

Psychic Attack can be many things but in its basic form it is bad magic performed by mal-practitioners, sorcerers, warlocks and witches. These are people who work with the dark forces, demons and evil energy.

Bad  Evil Magic can be  –

  • Spells – A spell or charm is a set of words, written, spoken or unspoken, which are considered by its user to invoke some magical effect.  Some spells are beneficial whilst others are very dangerous to the receiver.
  • Hexes – is the practice of casting an evil spell over something or someone. These are written and carried out with certain rituals.  Very dangerous to the receiver.
  • Curses – are often only spoken but there are also written ones. Practiced in the Roman Catholic Church when excommunicating to denounce members.
  • Voodoo –  is a religion. Followers of voodoo are not affiliated with other religions.  Voodoo can be good or bad.  They refer to Red Magic as evil as the practitioner’s eyes turn red when possessed by a demon spirit.
  • Hoodoo – is traditional folk magic the same as Voodoo and is accepted by Roman Catholic Church.
  • Reiki – every initiation invokes demonic implants and transfers the evil energy to their clients.
  • Ouija Board – A board which has the appearance of being harmless but far from the truth many a demon has taken control of it and much harm has been created through the use of it.
  • Tarot Cards work with lower energies and attract demons
  • Angel Cards are created from visions from demons. Holy Angels have no desire to be portrayed in art form to stroke people’s egos.  Holy Angels have rules they must adhere to.
  • Cards for Divining – All work with demonic energies.
  • Jealousy – a person who is jealous of you and they wish only harm to come to you the power of their jealous thoughts which is an evil energy constantly focused on you is very harmful.
  • Negative thoughts about a person which are constant can turn into a psychic attack
  • Negative thoughts about the self can also be self psychic attack

Psychic Attack is not limited to bad or evil magic you can experience this from people who are jealous or those are constantly thinking of you in a bad way or wishing bad things to happen to you.  This is what we call Thought Forms and they can become quite powerful if the person focusing on you is constantly projecting thoughts at you in a bad way.

Then we also Psychically Attack ourselves with negative thoughts.  Constantly thinking negative thoughts about others and us can result in a self-attack.  We draw more negative energy into our emotions and body.

What is Life like under Attack?

Your life is very difficult and seems to go round in circles all the time, by that you keep seeing the same negative events occurring over and over again.  You may be given some reprieve from this but the cycle starts again.  Each time the cycle start it becomes smaller and quicker so you begin to feel helpless.

If you are healthy, ill-health will strike almost immediately out of nowhere.  Glands and digestive system are usually hit strongly to bring you down there are so many indications even Cancer type conditions appear, so be careful.  Many suffer from anxiety and depression as every time you get to a point believing it has all come to an end it starts again pulling the rug out from underneath you to fall down.

Finances and relationships will become difficult too.  There are so many things to list I could go on and on.

These zealots are cruel, unrelenting and vindictive even more so when they invoke the demons they work with.

When it is you being negative and this can result in feeling exhausted, headaches, very angry and fed-up. Trying to stop the constant whirring of the mind, which so cruelly keeps the momentous thoughts circling our head. As if, almost punishing us in the process.  It is quite frightening when you step back and look at what is happening in your head. Argumentative clashes between friends, family and partners.

You would be surprised the number of people who suffer from anxiety and depression as a result of Psychic Attack

Simply be you, live your life simply

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