What Does It Mean

What does it mean


An invocation, summons or adjure are the terms used when you call Spirits or in our case Holy Angels to ask them to help us on our behalf.


I have been guided by my Soul and The Divine Manifestor, Light of All Lights  not to  fight directly with evil.  Imperative to work with The Divine Manifestor, Light of All Lights, and the Holy Angelic Realms through prayer it is the safest and fastest way of dealing with all Psychic Attack or Bad Magic.  I was never drawn to working on the Astral Plane to go fight demons, magicians and sorcerers.  I did not know what to look for or how.  I was strongly guided by The Divine Manifestor to keep away from these practices and the lower spiritual planes.

Why do I call the Angels Holy, basically evil mimics everything in the Holy Spiritual Realms and uses the same Angelic names and they will be an imposter of the real Holy Angel.

This is so true about the demons being imposter spirits they copy deceased family members, friends and pets.  There is no stopping them.   Care must be taken.


You may have heard about Banishing but never really understood the importance of it.  To live in a healthy environment it is essential to banish all unwanted entities, be them, harmful or benign.  Banishing is a form of removal for spirits or entities. This keeps your home Spiritually clean.

If you are serious about working with Holy Angels this has to be done because they will refuse to enter a place, which is spiritually unclean.  You may not have invited entities from the dark forces into your home but someone else may have  or a very negative friend may have brought them in and the demons decided to stay. You have to kick them out.

Cast them out in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Why give Jesus his full title?  There are many Christian men who have been given the name Jesus over the years and really you would not want to summons them.  The same goes for any of the Holy Angels.

Aura Cleanse

The Aura is an ethereal emanation surrounding the body of every living creature and is an essential part of the individual as it protects all the spiritual bodies and importantly the Soul. The Aura varies in size from person to person dependent on how evolved spiritually they are.

It is important to keep your Aura Clean as spirits can attach themselves to you through your Aura if it is not strong and secure.  Also our own negative thoughts tend to linger in there too so it’s a good idea to give yourself good old clean.

Portal Closure

Every time you do any form of spiritual work like meditation or working with spirits, entities or angels you open what is known as a portal.  Many teachers do not even know they are allowing their students to do this.  Opening portals and portals which are left open are dangerous it means anything can come through to you in any guise they choose.  This was a major problem I had even using the “so called” methods of protection taught in most circles.  Many circles just draw a clockwise circle to open and anticlockwise circle to close this is not good enough protection. Some of the established associations do teach detailed methods on how to open and close portals correctly.

If I had a problem that means so many others have the same problem and remember evil is subtle in its approach. Once I realized the portals had to be closed securely and permanently to all harmful realms this stopped my problems.

Closing portals are imperative as it stops nightmares or dream invasions.  I had lots of them. Once everything is closed down it stops.

I allow access from the Divine and Holy Spiritual Realms to me as they will not harm me. You can choose to close all access to you.


Summoning the right protection is essential to keep Psychic Attack at bay.  Once you have cleansed your entire being then you can put the protection in place.

Higher evolved spirits will not work where there are demonic presences the two do not mix.  Lower level Holy Angels run the risk of being beaten up by the demons.  Unless your spiritual space is physically and spiritually clean you will only work with that’s right, harmful, bad or evil entities, demons and fallen angels. These beings are so tricky they can fool you easily as they will appear in forms that are pleasing to you.

The Blessing

For me it is important to be grateful to those glorious Holy and Divine Beings who have helped me complete my requests and without their help my life would continue to be chaotic or non-existent.

We have nothing to offer these amazing beings except to ask God Divine to bless them for completing the requests.


Please note I do not meditate, work with spirits, entities, or spirit guides this type of work is dangerous as you are at risk of working with demons. This type of work is against The Divine Manifestor.  I purely work with my Soul this is the safest way to work.

Why I Do not Meditate?


If you make amendments to the prayer or there other things in your life which require changing resulting in the prayer not working.  This is not my responsibility.  These are my methods and experiences which I share in the hope of helping you to resolve psychic attack in your life.

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