Refining Prayers


Refining Prayers

I have been working in the Spiritual Arts over 20 years and I have used all the known common methods people are taught and believed are the best forms of protection. They were failing me leaving me open for attack.

Through my research, testing theories and gaining a better understanding of how the spiritual world worked I realized there was only one way to work. This was through The Divine Manifestor, Light of All Lights and the Divine Spiritual Kingdom.

You are thinking you already do, Ah! There are protocols within the realms and the Holy Angelic Kingdom have defined roles and when you understand who are the designated protectors and defenders it makes it easier to strengthen your protection.  Every day I start with a commitment to The Divine Manifestor prayer followed by protective prayers.

Remember friends, the Holy Angels are always looking for dedication to the Divine Manifestor before they will help you and if you are already dedicating yourself to the Divine Manifestor then this is a good start. Holy Archangels may in the name of Divine Manifestor do a one-off protection to help you gain control of your environment but you will have to show your love and dedicate prayers daily for a long time to The Divine Manifestor.  They can see if your request is genuine and that you have good intentions.

There is a Divine Spiritual Hierarchy, which exists beneath The Divine Manifestor consisting of many wonderful, Lords and Ladies of the most High, Divine Myriad of Galaxies, Universal Consciousness, Holy Archangels, Holy Angels, Holy Warrior Angels, Mother Earth and Her Holy Angels, Holy Planetary Angels and many more.

Many of you may not be so familiar with the term Djinn they are well-known in the Middle East, the renegade djinn or demons as they are known in the West are the ones who cause a lot of problems and people summons them to do all kinds of bad or evil magic including Love Spells because no Spirit of any standing would involve themselves in manipulating another Being into creating Love Entrapments as it is against The Divine Manifestor’s will and the will of the other person.  Elementals are not so sweet and can without much effort brew up a lot of chaos and harm.  People readily invite them into their homes without much thought thinking they are sweet and cute.

I have written many prayers to clear different issues and then refined them to make them more effective as with all things it is trial and error.  Eventually, I could see what worked and even now I refine the prayers to make them more effective and precise.  Being naturally analytical enables me to see clearly what needs to be covered.  It was getting the wording right and invoking the correct Holy Angels or Divine Beings to make the prayer more effective.

By using these prayers you are taking the first steps to protect yourself.  There are many areas of your life, which will have to change too to maintain a healthy life-style.  This is a completely different topic.

I have given a brief description as to why you have to use each prayer and remember it is very important to ask The Divine Manifestor to Bless those who have helped you in achieving your requests.  Life is about giving and receiving and we have nothing to offer the Holy Angels in return for their help except to ask The Divine Manifestor to Bless them.

A List of Family and Pets

I recommend you create a list of those in your immediate family and pets to protect them to included them as ”those named here” (if there are many) in your prayers.

I found some of the people I have helped clearing out the demons influencing their life and homes, this is a separate piece of work I do which takes many hours. Thought the prayers were too long and I have made them more concise.  At the end of the day you have a choice it is them or you.  The surge from evil is very strong and you do not know when it is going to strike so you have to make you and your environment strong.