Prayer – Self Defense Through Prayer Re Post

Prayer 7

The Invocation or Summons

In the name of  The Divine Manifestor, Holy of All Holies, Light of All Lights.

Jesus Christ of Nazareth

Holy Archangel Mikhail and his Holy Angels

Holy Planetary Angels and Portal Guardians

Holy Warrior and Terrestrial Angels.

I NOW adjure you All, to successfully complete the following requests for myself and (NAMED).


I adjure you All to banish all witnesses taken from us, pull out, cast out and destroy all photos, hooks, arrows, and Voodoo or Hoodoo Implements. Cut and transmute into nothingness all connections, links, access points, ungodly silver cords, implants and Ley lines, all evil witchcraft and sorcery, curses, evil spells, evil magical acts, chaos rituals, Reiki rituals or anything else done to those named here.

I adjure you to break the power of all evil curses, hexes, vexes, spells, sihir,  charms, fetishes, evil djinn rituals bind them, and the attacking demons to the hirer, sender, and bringer one hundredfold, in the name of  The Divine Manifestor and Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Ensure every atom within our homes or wherever we stay, or work has all evil banished, cast out and transmuted into nothingness.

I NOW adjure you to blast, destroy, smash, blow up all walls of protection, altars, shrines, wards and shields around all evil in whatever form it takes turning their protection into nothingness.  Overturn all plots back onto their own heads and unveil these people so all can see the truth about them.

Aura Cleansing

I adjure you all to remove all evil in whatever form they take which have been attached or reside in our auras ensure every atom of negativity is banished, cast out and transmuted into nothingness.

I NOW adjure Holy Archangel Azrael to place his Mightiest Shield inside our auras to always protect us, immediately deflecting, returning and binding all evil thoughts, words, actions and magic to the hirer, sender and bringer one hundredfold in the name of The Divine Manifestor and Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

I NOW adjure every atom of our auras and beings be filled with the Light of All Lights, Divine Manfestor’s Soul Love, Healing, Success, Protection, Abundance, Good Luck, Tranquility and Peace. Our auras are sealed, secure and strong as they encapsulate our entire being but flexible enough to expand as we grow and shielding us to make us invisible to all who wish us harm. Create a thick mirrored coating to be placed over each of our auras to reflect the evil back to those who wish us harm. Transmuting all evil links to us into nothingness.

Portal Closure Prayer

I NOW adjure the Holy Portal Guardians to ensure all portals are sealed securely and firmly. All harmful, bad or evil portals, dream invasion and access points are NOW impassable, impossible to re-open and to re-connect with any form of evil magic or code.  The portals are NOW invisible and we can no longer be harmed in any way, by anyone, by anything, at any time, in any lifetime, throughout the Divine or Spiritual Kingdoms.


I NOW adjure you All to oversee our protection from all who wish us harm with the aid and honour of ALL the Holy Spiritual Kingdoms ensure it is impossible for anyone to read us without our permission and all our past, present and future timelines, life journeys, soul missions be shielded and protected by Holy Archangel Azrael’s mightiest shield and his Holy Angels expanding their protection over our mobile phones, laptops, social media connections and all forms of communication. Our homes and where we live or stay has every atom shielded and protected transmuting all harmful, bad or evil in whatever form they take into nothingness. Protect all our work so none can copy us.

I NOW adjure Holy Archangel Raphael to cleanse us with the Light of All Lights, fill every atom of us, our homes and businesses with Joy, The Divine Manifestor’s Soul Love, Success, Protection, Abundance, Lucrative Life, Tranquility and Happiness.

I NOW adjure the Holy Warrior Angels to precede us wherever we go and they are to stand to the left, right and behind us to shield us from all harm cleansing and purifying the way, keeping us safe.

The Blessing

I ask The Divine Manifestor to shine His Divine Light and Soul Love through everything we do and that a thousand, thousand, Blessings are placed on our shoulders and a thousand, thousand Holy Angels and Divine Emissaries surround us to ensure we achieve all our goals.

May The Divine Manifestor place blessings on all who successfully complete these requests for us from the beginning of time and forevermore.

I AM NOW grateful my requests are completed and successful.

So it is manifested

prayer 6

© 2013 Nanette de Ville – All Rights Reserved

Simply be you, live your life simply


If you make amendments to the prayer or there other things in your life which require changing resulting in the prayer not working.  This is not my responsibility.  These are my methods and experiences which I share in the hope of helping you to resolve psychic attack in your life.


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