Self Defense Through Prayer

Self Defense Through Prayer

Self Defense Through Prayer

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I have based these prayers without religious bias. I do not follow any form of religion  and have no desire to interfere with traditions, beliefs and customs. The prayers are adaptable as they have been created as a starting point and can be redefined.   I have renamed some of the standard New Age terminology as they does not agree with my personal development and my soul.  I believe in The Divine Manifestor, Holy of All Holies and Light of All Lights and listen to His Guidance all the time.

One of the main reasons for sharing these prayers is people are nervous about admitting they have a problem with Psychic Attack and are embarrassed to admit it too.  Their lives have become chaotic without cause or effect.

There has been an increase in Psychic Attack on good souls many people I come across are suffering from this. I can see this clearly even if they cannot.   If you have suffered even the smallest amount that I have, then your life has experienced much pain and trauma.

I have briefly written about the prayers and reasons why to do them.  The most important thing from these prayers are to aid someone who is being hit hard with Psychic Attack to bring peace and harmony back into their lives so they can take control of their minds, body, spirit and soul.

I found over the years the basic forms of protection were not good enough, for some perhaps but for people like myself they were not strong or secure enough to enable us to progress with our life’s path. You may be experiencing this too.

Eventually I was forced to dedicate time to resolve the constant onslaught of psychic attacks and was greatly relieved to be at peace for the first time in over twenty years and more.

I have passed my work to be tested by friends and they also had very quick results and urged me to produce a booklet to help people who like us required that extra protection.

I passionately care about people and over the years watching misguided good people like myself come into difficulties purely because they were not given the right tools to work with.  Right from my awakening or opening up I have always been interested and concerned about Psychic Protection this is part of my calling or mission is to help others who are journeying on their Life Path are Psychically Protected from harm.  It was imperative to develop this for myself as well as others as my life had been hampered by so much by evil.

I must emphasise these prayers are not a one-off and fix all you have to build-up your protection.

Important to note Angels and Demons do not mix.  No matter how hard you try if you keep inviting demons into your home Angels not enter.  You home must become your personal sanctuary it is sacred to you.  A place where you find peace, comfort and healing.


Order of reading:

  1. What is Psychic Attack?
  2. Refining Prayers
  3. What Does It Mean?
  4. Prayer – Self Defense Through Prayer

Simply be you, live your life simply

© 2012 Nanette de Ville – All Rights Reserved

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