Prayers which may be of help to you to start your own prayers so you can build your own collection.  I know when was recommitting to Our Heavenly Father I found it hard sometimes to think of the words, especially when life has become chaotic. It can be difficult to even put a couple of words together.  I hope my prayers can help you move on with your life.

Essential to make a daily commitment to Our Heavenly Father

Soul Love

this is expanding your Soul Love to reach those known and unknown who need this beautiful touch of warmth and kindness in their life to give them hope.

Commitment Prayers

to make a commitment to Our Heavenly Father one of the most important daily prayers.


very important practice especially to forgive yourself this is a major part of releasing.

Redemption Prayer

This prayer is to redeem you for this wrongs you have done.

Maintaining Autonomy

To remove any overshadowing from other people or spirits who are trying to take control of your life.


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