Welcome to my website trying to put the pieces into place and would like to learn how to do this for yourself then take a look at the various courses I currently offer listed below.

I hope you are able to find the type of course you are looking for, if not e-mail me via my Contact Me Page to discuss something you are interested in.  All courses are done at your pace and notes are included.

All consultations are 1 hour duration.

Once you have decided which subject you are interested in, send an e-mail via my Contact Me Page to make your Appointment, once a mutual day and time is agreed,  I will send you an invoice with my Paypal link.  

Usually I will respond within 24 hours with an appointment.

Unfortunately I cannot access SKYPE to do consultations and I no longer use Facebook.

It may be possible to work via WhatsApp or some other App.

All consultations can be done via E-mail.

Please choose from the list below the subject you are interested in then e-mail me to book a consultation via my Contact Me Page 

1.  Soul Discovery Course 40 GBP

The Soul Discovery Course is to learn how to work effectively with your Soul learn quick, simple techniques and best practices.  

The Soul Discovery Course is done at your pace.  You may wish to practice what you have learned before booking another consultation.

2.  Life Path Work Essentials 40 GBP

Consultations are 1 hour in duration on WhatsApp.

Discuss Life Journey Path.

This is ideal to discuss Awareness and Development issues you are experiencing and receive guidance and tuition on safe practices.

3.  Positive Thinking 40 GBP

Positive thinking and speaking.  How to change the negative image you project to others.

4.  Coping With Psychic Attack  40GBP

Talk about Psychic Attacks and problems you are encountering and are having difficulty in clearing by yourself.  Learn techniques to protect yourself and others you care about.

 5.  Let It Go – Acceptance and Releasing 40 GP

Let It Go – help and advice on how to face and release issues in your life which are holding you back.  I use simple steps to clear issues and I will only too happy to give you support.

 5.  E-mail Readings

Please reflect carefully on the question(s) you would like some help with.  E-mail me from  Contact Me I will respond within 24 hours.

1 Question 25 GBP

2 Questions 30 GBP

3 Questions 35 GBP

E-mail me via Contact Me Page for a mutually convenient day and time for your consultation and once we have agreed an Appointment I will send my Invoice and Paypal Link for payment .  After I have received full payment I will confirm this via e-mail and commence the consultation.