Limits Stretched

I really think everyone is being pushed to their limits. Life is only just endurable We are being forced out of our comfort zones the only problem as life as it is there is nowhere to maneuver With nowhere to maneuver the only way is to do inner growth work on yourself this can be … Continue reading Limits Stretched


This is my artwork, it depicts the Soul a good soul    Envisioning is how you make changes.  Visualise and manifest see your end result stop wasting time praying.  Spend time seeing what you desire to be. Project from your Soul and bring into action Holy Archangels and Holy Angels from the planets you require … Continue reading Envisioning

Forgive Us Mother Earth

Oh forgive us Mother Earth for how we have all defiled and disrespected you through the generations of people who inhabit the Earth. Forgive the ignorance, greed destructive nature of us all who live without gratitude for all you do. Forgive the thoughts and visions of evil's dream which we all follow without question contaminating … Continue reading Forgive Us Mother Earth