767. A Beautiful Feel.. — Thoughtsmith

I wish.. Love would have been a virus, Humanity, Compassion.. Understanding, Kindness.. all these emotions, if all of them turned viruses, and, by them., we all would have got infected.. how beautiful.. this world would have been, no sanitisers, no vaccines.. no fights, no killings.. all happy beings everywhere.. all happy, roaming freely..!! ……………………………..✍🏼💕767. A Beautiful … Continue reading 767. A Beautiful Feel.. — Thoughtsmith

Life on Funny Farm My Story 2

Great Sphinx of Giza with the Great Pyramid of Giza. Egyptian Men I have made it very clear to as many people as possible I have no interest in Egyptian Men.  I would not want to marry one.  As far as husband material goes they have nothing whatsoever to offer.  There is no love or … Continue reading Life on Funny Farm My Story 2