Power of Healing – Quiet Please

Healing Orb I have been playing with healing as living in the city here is like a hell hole. So many empty vessels and you know they make a lot of noise. So much I could not tolerate it the other day. One man was in a argument with himself he was shouting loudly it … Continue reading Power of Healing – Quiet Please


767. A Beautiful Feel.. — Thoughtsmith

I wish.. Love would have been a virus, Humanity, Compassion.. Understanding, Kindness.. all these emotions, if all of them turned viruses, and, by them., we all would have got infected.. how beautiful.. this world would have been, no sanitisers, no vaccines.. no fights, no killings.. all happy beings everywhere.. all happy, roaming freely..!! ……………………………..✍🏼💕767. A Beautiful … Continue reading 767. A Beautiful Feel.. — Thoughtsmith