Feeling Blessed

My Photos  I woke up this morning to an amazing sky. Holy Cloud Angels you just have to love them. Grateful to receive this blessing today. I NOW share this blessing with you. The more you connect to Mother Earth, the more you will receive.  The love given by nature in all its forms is … Continue reading Feeling Blessed

Angels and Demons

The photo above are Holy Cloud Angels. Angels and Demons Holy Angels Angels should be differentiated into Holy Angels or Satanic Angels/Demons.  Holy Angels  are pure being manifested by Our Heavenly Father and Mother Earth Our Earthly Mother.  They have to be referred to as Holy.  Each Holy Angel or Holy Angelic Group have to … Continue reading Angels and Demons

Message for Today from Holy Angels 23-02-2019

Holy Angels of Power - Heavenly Father s Holy Angels The Heavenly Father or the Divine Manifestor or Divine Light invites you to commune with His Holy Angels to be more connected with the Heavens to learn to understand yourself in the ways The Divine wishes you to work. You all have times of being overwhelmed, … Continue reading Message for Today from Holy Angels 23-02-2019