Koala Day Today

https://www.aussieark.org.au/koala-ark/?fbclid=IwAR0mVRkNeMWxSvsUTnUOoesSFxNaIh9WbRQxON8a5FcgJcaAuL2rHrY_75E Koala Bear In summer time for us meant a visit to Philip Island to see the Faerie Penguins and Koalas. It was a special event in summer. As you approach Philips Island you pass through a town called Cowes the road was lined with the Eucalyptus trees Koalas love. One supplement to the koala’s … Continue reading Koala Day Today


Whales are magnificent are they not. I am fascinated by them as they are guardians of our planet Earth. They hold much wisdom far more than we will ever know. Where did the Whales originate from. A watery planet in a far off galaxy, they were brought here eons ago when Earth was first created … Continue reading Whales