Weirdness of Cats

Tabitha and her Scots Pipes and Drums As New Year approached I was playing some Scots Pipes and Drums and to my amazement Tabitha jumped up on the desk sat mesmerised and enthralled with the video of the Scots Pipes and Drums she just loved the sound regardless of the video. This the Pipes … Continue reading Weirdness of Cats

Homeland Beckons

British Isles Today I stepped onto my balcony always looking to the sky and there I saw in cloud formation the British Isles. Please bring me home be it over sky, sea, field and mountain. Why did I think you stopped loving me? I so miss your glory the rain and mist all has its … Continue reading Homeland Beckons

Koala Day Today Koala Bear In summer time for us meant a visit to Philip Island to see the Faerie Penguins and Koalas. It was a special event in summer. As you approach Philips Island you pass through a town called Cowes the road was lined with the Eucalyptus trees Koalas love. One supplement to the koala’s … Continue reading Koala Day Today


Whales are magnificent are they not. I am fascinated by them as they are guardians of our planet Earth. They hold much wisdom far more than we will ever know. Where did the Whales originate from. A watery planet in a far off galaxy, they were brought here eons ago when Earth was first created … Continue reading Whales