Prayers Please

I am in serious need of your support through prayers. I believe in the Power of Prayer. This is what I am having to deal with right now. Some may find this very shocking. Someone is working with the Dead from the cemetery. This is more than just a battle of energy it is a … Continue reading Prayers Please

Life on funny Farm My Story

Living in Egypt Abuse is the Norm I have been living in Egypt for over eight years now and I have spent the past six years trying to leave. I love the place I chose to build a Spiritual Retreat fresh, clean BUT the Egyptian people make it impossible to create a good environment. If … Continue reading Life on funny Farm My Story

Today’s Awareness – Jezebel

Time to raise awareness on our lurid world of self-destruction.  So many good people are suffering from the spread and increase of the Jezebel Spirits they are entrapped by the evil by getting hooked on porn, cyber sex, paedophilia, war, satanism, harmful behaviour to others.  The Jezebel spirits influence both men and women alike.  The … Continue reading Today’s Awareness – Jezebel