Angels and Demons

Simply be you, live your life simply   The photo above are Holy Cloud Angels. Angels and Demons Holy Angels Angels should be differentiated into Holy Angels or Satanic Angels/Demons.  Holy Angels  are pure being manifested by Our Heavenly Father and Mother Earth Our Earthly Mother.  They have to be referred to as Holy.  Each … Continue reading Angels and Demons

Pure Light Came Into the World

  A love that was born into our world to ignite the soul of humankind sent by Our Heavenly Father came into being on Earth. The land we call the Middle East was full a darkness and its power was growing.  The simple teachings and laws of Our Heavenly Father were disappearing and being replaced … Continue reading Pure Light Came Into the World

The Healing of Yeshua/Jesus Christ

We did not realise how powerful the Nazarenes or Essenes were in their day.  The power was drawn from God and the fact they kept themselves spiritually and physically clean was all important to them.  They were Masters in the Spiritual Arts which had been handed down from the Egyptian Mystery Schools, Zoroaster teachings and … Continue reading The Healing of Yeshua/Jesus Christ