Spiritual Clean-Up Re-post

Self-help on how to detox yourself and home.  Simple inexpensive techniques to effectively keep your household spiritually clean. Introduction This is a compilation of tips which I use to freshen up my home or to detox myself of negativity. One of the most important parts of your spiritual journey apart from working with your Soul … Continue reading Spiritual Clean-Up Re-post

Spiritual Smells

Has your sense of smell become more heightened? There are two kinds of  smell or odor: Spiritual Smell which only spiritually aware people can smell. Normal day-to-day perfumes or odors. Spiritual Smells or Odors Bad spiritual smells come as a warning to keep away that something is not good. Only people who are spiritually aware … Continue reading Spiritual Smells

Cinnamon, Mint and Rosemary

Ground Cinnamon Cinnamon is more often just used as a natural flavouring in cuisine such as Desserts, Cakes and Drinks. Cinnamon is great to help cleanse away negativity within you. Cinnamon added to coffee is very relaxing and a mild detox for negative energies.  Cinnamon can be used as a natural sweetener in coffee good … Continue reading Cinnamon, Mint and Rosemary

Crystal Healing is pillaging the Earth

Why do Healers believe it is important to use Crystals when healing? So many are drawn into buying Crystals it has become an obsession to use crystals in spiritual work and healing.  Ashamedly, I am guilty of buying crystals, yes, did not know any better at the time. I followed the ignorant crowd this was … Continue reading Crystal Healing is pillaging the Earth