Spiritual Clean-Up Re-post

Self-help on how to detox yourself and home.  Simple inexpensive techniques to effectively keep your household spiritually clean. Introduction This is a compilation of tips which I use to freshen up my home or to detox myself of negativity. One of the most important parts of your spiritual journey apart from working with your Soul … Continue reading Spiritual Clean-Up Re-post

Learning more about God

I am always praying and talking with God and the Divine.  I desire to learn so much to understand myself and those who I care about deeply. I try to understand more of what God desires of me too.  I constantly search even the internet to check on history.  I used to go to Church … Continue reading Learning more about God

Cinnamon, Mint and Rosemary

Ground Cinnamon Cinnamon is more often just used as a natural flavouring in cuisine such as Desserts, Cakes and Drinks. Cinnamon is great to help cleanse away negativity within you. Cinnamon added to coffee is very relaxing and a mild detox for negative energies.  Cinnamon can be used as a natural sweetener in coffee good … Continue reading Cinnamon, Mint and Rosemary