Destructive Path

Google photo of many viruses The virus is man-made NOT Divine.  Scientists made the virus it was a governmental creation.  Doctors, nurses spread the viruses anything contaminating the Earth and those who inhabit it.  They have an unwritten agenda to support the pharmaceutical companies which poison us and the planet.  It is all about money … Continue reading Destructive Path

What is being Hidden?

The virus was timed to clash with the Gateway of the Fifth Dimension expansion to be felt.  Many will be feeling the pressure of this energy as it enters our environment.  It is powerful and can be debilitating at times.  It is forcing us to sleep so we can connect with out souls. The Fifth … Continue reading What is being Hidden?

Deep in the Soul Healing

The Succulent has been enhanced by Evie using special Ancient Celtic Prayers and Mitch has further enhanced the Photograph by projecting more Ancient Celtic prayers during the photo shoot. I have added more Ancient Celtic prayers to the post.  We are three dedicated Ancient Celtic Compassionate Healers working together to  give you a deeper healing … Continue reading Deep in the Soul Healing