The Silk Road Series #1 For Feed a Smile — Digital Rabbit Hole Natascha and I are very honored to be part of this exciting get -together of RL artists, poets, musicians, and storytellers, in Singapore, with their counterparts in Second Life. While they will be live streaming from Singapore, their acts and presentations, we too, in Second Life, will be live streaming back to them. This … Continue reading The Silk Road Series #1 For Feed a Smile — Digital Rabbit Hole

Gifts from the Divine 26-04-2019

Sunrise is always amazing in Aswan, Egypt.  The Heavenly Father and Our Earthly Mother are forever manifesting the most wonderful scenes.  They are sent to uplift me and indeed they do. Cotton balls of clouds a host of Holy Angels gathering to ensure I am all right.  I love the sky filled with angelic clouds … Continue reading Gifts from the Divine 26-04-2019

The Fine Line

Again inspired by Debby The shoreline of our mind where the good and not so good words meet in our mind, I always feel akin to the sea or ocean it gives off so much energy, tremendous healing energy. Our Shoreline of words as in the photo above creates a ripple effect with in … Continue reading The Fine Line