Limits Stretched

I really think everyone is being pushed to their limits. Life is only just endurable We are being forced out of our comfort zones the only problem as life as it is there is nowhere to maneuver With nowhere to maneuver the only way is to do inner growth work on yourself this can be … Continue reading Limits Stretched

All Lives Matter – Air We Breathe

Marine Plants - Their Lives Matter "All Life Matters" You believe only your life and those around you are the most important. Wrong we are in this together. Did you realise that 70% of our oxygen comes from Marine Plants, and yet we abuse the Seas, Oceans and Rivers with garbage. Most of Earth's oxygen comes from … Continue reading All Lives Matter – Air We Breathe

Time to Heal Yourself

  We have an opportunity to turn our lives around and each of us responsible to make positive changes to heal ourselves, each other and Mother Earth. Use your time well do not squander it as this time will not be repeated again. © 18-06-2020 Nanette de Ville - All Rights Reserved

Island of You

Photograph by Sue Farquharson As soon as I saw my friend's photograph I was inspired thoughts for a contemplation were starting to flow to me.  I have enhanced the photograph with healing and my special prayers. This beautiful photograph is showing much symbolism and will help you identify yourself within the ALL or Universal Consciousness. … Continue reading Island of You