Self-acceptance Self-acceptance is the stumbling block as too many are afraid to look at themselves.  It is not so hard we are held in a space of love and understanding during these times. © 2019 Nanette de Ville - All rights reserved.

I Can — Digital Rabbit Hole

  I really enjoyed this video by Karima Hoisan, good advice about overcoming DB and other life issues. That’s the message Nat and I attempted to convey in our video by the same name. This film was something very different for us, a challenge in a way, asked of us by our good friend, … Continue reading I Can — Digital Rabbit Hole

The Wounded Healer Part 1

To give some background to the information which initiated my latest phase of healing.  I have been undergoing some very intensive healing of late. I was told to clear my deepest wounds. Chiron in Greek Mythology Chiron was notable throughout Greek Mythology for medicine, music, archery, hunting, gymnastics and the art of prophecy. Chiron was known for … Continue reading The Wounded Healer Part 1

Releasing and the symptoms

Releasing and Cleansing When you have the intention of releasing past issues, emotions and events in your life.  This is done with a statement of commitment and working closely with your soul. It is amazing where we store our trauma, emotions and painful experiences in our life. There symptoms you will experience if you are … Continue reading Releasing and the symptoms