Cursing what is it? Self-Cursing It is so easy to curse yourself every day.  This is what in simple terms we call negative speaking.  When you call yourself bad names.  In a fit of temper you lash out at yourself with a flurry of expletives demeaning yourself.  This is self-cursing. Also it is affirming the … Continue reading Curses

What pleases me

WHAT PLEASES ME I am going through a transitional period like so many of you. With my laptop not working at the moment and Ramadan just finishing I have been unable to have it repaired. I find it easier to write on my laptop but I have now forced myself to overcome this obstacle of … Continue reading What pleases me


  Self-acceptance Self-acceptance is the stumbling block as too many are afraid to look at themselves.  It is not so hard we are held in a space of love and understanding during these times. © 2019 Nanette de Ville - All rights reserved.