Life as a Natural Healer – 1

Being a healer is great responsibility. Every successful healing which happens is God's doing not the healer. Also every unsuccessful healing is also God's doing. People come to us as a last resort after being failed by the medical profession. The higher the potential of a Healer is down to their Soul and Blood Type … Continue reading Life as a Natural Healer – 1

Life As A Natural Healer

Pure Healing I am a Natural Healer and have experienced much hardship and heartache. My reason for turning the use of Natural Medicine and Therapies are due to my family being failed by the Medical Profession and Pharmacies. This is my choice and I refuse to enforce my lifestyle on to anyone. I respect other's … Continue reading Life As A Natural Healer


The more sensitive you become the more you feel and are SYMPATHETIC to all situations. This is not Empathy. EMPATHY is A FORM OF NATURAL HEALING IT IS A DIVINE GIFT. You can not learn to be an Empath nor can you learn to be Sympathetic. NEW AGERS are always making a nonsense out of … Continue reading Sympathy