Photo from Google Images Is everyone doing just fine?  Most people keep it hidden especially the ones who suffer the most. Struggling with the energy at the moment, whether you take it as Mercury Retrograde or your own reasons why life seems difficult. This has been me for a while gasping to breathe not easy … Continue reading Struggling


Cursing what is it? Self-Cursing It is so easy to curse yourself every day.  This is what in simple terms we call negative speaking.  When you call yourself bad names.  In a fit of temper you lash out at yourself with a flurry of expletives demeaning yourself.  This is self-cursing. Also it is affirming the … Continue reading Curses

What pleases me

WHAT PLEASES ME I am going through a transitional period like so many of you. With my laptop not working at the moment and Ramadan just finishing I have been unable to have it repaired. I find it easier to write on my laptop but I have now forced myself to overcome this obstacle of … Continue reading What pleases me