What Have I Been Doing 2

I am continuing on my self-healing and diet at the moment. I went into Aswan yesterday still on the Feast Holiday and thank goodness my greengrocer was open and I could stock up on fruit and vegetables. I had prayed for me to receive kindness today as I was feeling rather fragile from all the … Continue reading What Have I Been Doing 2

What have I been doing?

You may or may not know the heavenly gateways have opened to expand the Fifth Dimension.  The energies which are coming through are intense vibrations and it is imperative to spend time, now as you have it on working with the energy and acclimatizing yourself to it.  I have been sensing it for some months … Continue reading What have I been doing?

Increase your Creativity and more

Increase your Creativity and more... Tiger Eye is an amazing crystal it is raw cut stone with no refinement or polishing and this one just oozes with healing energy.  I have enhanced the Tiger Eye with special prayers to help your healing and work with your self-healing. https://youtu.be/xzkSQtJcw_o Focus on the Tiger Eye it is … Continue reading Increase your Creativity and more