Is it your food or poison?

Over the years it has become more noticeable people are having allergic reactions to food. What is causing this? I notice about 15 years ago that the major supermarkets were tampering with food especially fresh meat they injected water into it to make it weigh more and also added mono sodium glutamate in produce which … Continue reading Is it your food or poison?

For External Use Only??

WARNING: Medication or anything else for that matter which says on the label for EXTERNAL USE ONLY.   LET ME TELL YOU THIS. If you apply it to your skin, Remember this, the SKIN ABSORBS everything put on it. The application, liquid, cream or lotion or chemical solution will go from your SKIN straight into … Continue reading For External Use Only??

Healing “The Virus” Diet

Collection of Orange Fruit and Vegetables Please note my posts are aimed at both men and women, cancer does not have favourites.  If I can help another person on their journey I will be so grateful. This post is not advocating what you should eat we all make our choices for various reasons.  Moderation in … Continue reading Healing “The Virus” Diet

Healing “The Virus” Honey, Date Honey, Molasses

  Photo of Date Honey This journey a new Self-Healing of a virulent virus as I prefer to call it.  The virus with no name or cancer. Honey, Molasses and Date Honey are important for healing cancer naturally. As much as I am unhappy about having a lump in my breast this new journey is … Continue reading Healing “The Virus” Honey, Date Honey, Molasses