Self Healing within Natural Healing

I have found it strange over the years people attitudes when I say I am a Natural Healer and I practice Self-Healing.  Unless your are under the supervision of a medical doctor and taking drugs then you are considered not to be ill. Natural Healers become ill like everyone else but the difference is we … Continue reading Self Healing within Natural Healing

Is it your food or poison?

Over the years it has become more noticeable people are having allergic reactions to food. What is causing this? I notice about 15 years ago that the major supermarkets were tampering with food especially fresh meat they injected water into it to make it weigh more and also added mono sodium glutamate in produce which … Continue reading Is it your food or poison?

For External Use Only??

WARNING: Medication or anything else for that matter which says on the label for EXTERNAL USE ONLY.   LET ME TELL YOU THIS. If you apply it to your skin, Remember this, the SKIN ABSORBS everything put on it. The application, liquid, cream or lotion or chemical solution will go from your SKIN straight into … Continue reading For External Use Only??

Healing “The Virus” W/e 13-03-18

The results from the Sonar Scan were benign which is good news. Natural Healing I am continuing with the Natural Healing this seems to be the most effective way of dealing with the benign mass which is gradually becoming smaller over time.  I feel guided as to when to lay down to receive the healing. … Continue reading Healing “The Virus” W/e 13-03-18

Healing “The Virus” W/e 18-02-18

Self-healing is a step by step process.  It is not a race or a competition.  We can only heal at the rate our Soul and body allows. The lump or mass increased in size after the doctor squeezed it so hard during my examination and I have had increased pain from the sonography procedure and … Continue reading Healing “The Virus” W/e 18-02-18

Healing “The Virus” W/e 10-02-18

  I have been healing myself for over 30 years so I am far from being a beginner.  I work with my Soul in conjunction with God.  My clairvoyance (visions) is such my Soul projects visual information and my clairaudience is accurate (hearing)  plus many other senses.  I am able to quickly assess for myself … Continue reading Healing “The Virus” W/e 10-02-18

Valerian Trial

Unwashed Dried Valerian Root My friend, Ahmed a Therapeutic Herbalist  advised me I should take some Valerian.  I had heard about the herb but not investigated it before. Known as Spikenard in the Old Testament. Valerian is one of the gentlest, non toxic, non addictive tranquillisers Bartram's Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine Uses - Nervous tension, … Continue reading Valerian Trial

Healing “The Virus” W/E 6-02-18

  Where to begin these past few days have been incredible in find new information for myself.  I have been helped by a close friend of mine who insisted I go have a scan.  My dear friend is also a natural therapist like me but specialises in therapeutic herbs.  They wanted a more detailed view … Continue reading Healing “The Virus” W/E 6-02-18