Gratitude – Prayers Please

I have so much gratitude to everyone who came to my rescue with prayers. All were needed and you all helped to stop the evil attacks on me. I found out who was doing them my friend's brother girlfriend. The woman is what is known as a natural witch. PLEASE do not confuse this with … Continue reading Gratitude – Prayers Please

767. A Beautiful Feel.. — Thoughtsmith

I wish.. Love would have been a virus, Humanity, Compassion.. Understanding, Kindness.. all these emotions, if all of them turned viruses, and, by them., we all would have got infected.. how beautiful.. this world would have been, no sanitisers, no vaccines.. no fights, no killings.. all happy beings everywhere.. all happy, roaming freely..!! ……………………………..✍🏼💕767. A Beautiful … Continue reading 767. A Beautiful Feel.. — Thoughtsmith

Compromise to Competence

I NOW accept I have impeded my life's purpose by compromising my own truth.  I NOW release my compromising habits and transmute them to create a new regime of competence.  I AM NOW Competent. © October 2020 Nanette de Ville – All Rights Reserved