Strengthen the Aura


Why do we need to strengthen and seal our Aura?

Very sensitive souls are often the targets of negative people, environments, animals and situations.

When we do not protect ourselves enough that is seal our Auras the unscrupulous will create portals, access points, links, dream invasion points (nightmares) which gives them access to you, your life and spiritual bodies.

You find yourself very drained, and feeling sick/nauseous around certain areas, people and animals.  Even some of your pets may love your energy so much they drain you too and it is not because they wish you harm, it is they adore the feel of the divine energy flowing from you.

I asked Yeshua/Jesus Christ what is the best way to do this?

1. Clean Your Spiritual Vortices

Clean and connect your spiritual vortices with God’s Light Brilliant White Light and connect each vortices to God/Divine so the connection is strong and clear with the energy flowing direct from God to yourself. You now have a direct link between your Soul and spiritual vortices with God.

2.  Expand Your Soul Love

Then you must expand your Soul Love into your Aura
Aura and Soul Love

Do not expand your Soul Love outside your Aura but fill the Aura with you Soul Love, as Love is the most powerful repellent against evil and negativity.

(Please note you do not have to lay down.  You can do this sitting, or  walking around.  You may find the prayer on this blog beneficial.

I found once I had got to this point of filling my Aura with my Soul Love Yeshua/Jesus Christ placed His image over my Soul Center. The White Vortex in the middle of the chest.  It was amazing the difference it made. As Jesus Christ is my refuge.

3.  Close All the Portals

This is very important to close your portals, without realising it we interact with people and the spiritual realms and these create portals, access points, links, connections and dream invasion points (nightmares).  You have to close and seal all the negative portals which have been opened in your Aura.  There will be portals which connect to God, Holy Angels, Yeshua/Jesus Christ and our trusted loved ones which we may desire to keep open. Otherwise the rest should be closed and sealed.  I do this prayer daily to ensure all is closed.

Portal Closure Prayer

I NOW adjure the Holy Portal Guardians to ensure all portals are sealed securely and firmly. All harmful, bad or evil portals, dream invasion and access points are NOW impassable, impossible to re-open and to re-connect with any form of evil magic or code.  The portals are NOW invisible and we can no longer be harmed in any way, by anyone, by anything, at any time, in any lifetime, throughout the Universal Consciousness and Spiritual Kingdoms.


4.  The Shield

You need to visualise a shield of gold, not just any type of Gold but otherworldly gold.  This is a special gold from the Divine it repels and deflects evil it is impassable. The Shield coats your entire Aura not just a circle around it.

It will appear to be solid in reality, it is flexible it has to be to allow movement and growth.

5.  Your Pets

I recommend you do the same procedure for your pets.  It will help you in the long run.  Stop them drawing energy from you also stop the unscrupulous using your beloved pets as access points to work against you.

Some pets are just so full of love they can be tiresome, the reason being they know you require extra love on some days.  I know mine do and learning to understand their unspoken language taking time to be grateful for what is being given. They all have their quirky ways so make allowances for them.

Note:  This procedure is how it works for me.  I cannot guarantee it be the same for anyone else.  We all have differing beliefs and you may have to make adaptations to my suggestions, so expect the outcome to be different too.

Simply be you, live your life simply.

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