Commitment to the Light of All Lights

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Commitment to the Light of All Lights Holy of All Holies

I commit myself to you in the Name of The Holy of All Holies, Light of All Lights, Lords and Ladies of the Most High, Exalted ones, the Blessed and Merciful ones. Mother Earth and your Holy Angels. The Wisest, the Manifestors of the All, the Protectors, Teachers from the Most High, Supreme Manifestors, The Highest Soul Love and powerful brilliant White Light which lights the way for all the redeemed ones and followers of the righteous ones to all the ends of the Earth and Universal Consciousness.

I commit myself to you The Light of All Lights, the Lords and Ladies of the Most High in that your will is my will and everything I do in your name is to prosper and grow abundantly. You are enabling me to manifest everything to proceed with my life.

I only allow productive and successful thoughts to flow through and stop all harmful and negative thoughts transmute them into nothingness so I no longer receive them.

Open my soul and mind to help me find my passion, mission and vocation The Light of All Lights has manifested within me. Please give me guidance on how I can best serve and be of value to you and to the Universal Consciousness.

So it is manifested NOW it is.

Simply be you, live your life simply.

© 2016 Nanette de Ville – All Rights Reserved

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