Prayers which may be of help to you to start your own prayers so you can build your own collection.  I know when was recommiting to God I found it hard sometimes to think of the words, especially when life has become chaotic. It can be difficult to even put a couple of words together.  I hope my prayers can help you move on with your life.

Essential to make a daily commitment to God/Elohim/Yahweh/Yeshua

Commitment to God Prayer

Forgiveness of yourself and others

Forgiveness Prayer

Self Defense Through Prayer is to aid recover from Psychic Attack.  These prayers are important for all people.  Everyone suffers from this.  All to many are afraid to take action because the possible reprisals, many are embarrassed to seek help they do not want to admit this could be happening to them.  Use these prayers freely.

Self Defense Through Prayer

Maintaining Sovereignty or Autonomy

Maintaining Autonomy Prayer

My Commitment Prayer

Commitment Prayer