How Can You Do This?

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This process is a private review between yourself and The Divine Manifestor, Light of All Lights, Holy of All Holies you have no need to share this with anyone.  Nobody needs to know any details.  I have reviewed all my issues or at least a greater part of them myself with The Divine Manifestor, Light of All Lights, Holy of All Holies.  I believe in autonomy, personal independence building up your own confidence to work with your soul and being in charge and control of your own life.

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Review or take a deeper look at your issue, event or situation.

You have to be ready to face objectively the event.  Even though it may bring emotions with it you will be in more control.  Sometimes more sensitive people will feel the emotion leave their physical body as it may have become embedded deep within you.  There will be a release from the physical and spiritual bodies.

Everything that is held in the physical body is also mapped or represented into your spiritual bodies.  The issue will take on a different appearance, feel or look within the spiritual bodies.

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Be Honest

You have to be completely honest with yourself when doing this to resolve the issues there is no point in trying to give yourself the impression you had no part of starting an argument for example.  You have to look at yourself clearly as this is important for Acceptance in a later phase of this book.

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View the Issue

For those who are clairvoyant you will be able to see the issue replayed on a projected external TV screen.  It may be only briefly visible, so do not expect to sit for a long time watching the event.  It will be just enough to remind you.  Perhaps dialogue will be replayed.  I know when this happened to me.  I found myself saying, did I really react like that and I was not very nice at all.  You have to understand your part in the event whether you were blameless or an equally part to the problem.

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Take a note of your feelings

Note your feelings in the event or situation.

Did you feel shame, fear, threatened, oppressed, victimized, anger etc.?

It is important to know how you felt as you will learn how to release these emotions in a later phase of this book.

You have to learn to change your pain into joy, negative emotions or feelings into positive ones.

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The Soul knows the right time to release

The more you work with your soul and the more you become familiar with this routine of working through past issues it will be easier to recognize when it is the right time to release that part of your life.  You should never force pain out before you are ready to let it go.

The soul highlights past issues and knows when you are ready to face it and are prepared to let it go.  Sometimes you have to be in an emotionally good place to let things go.  If you are not in a good place to release pain it can be very damaging to the physical and the spiritual bodies it can cause more harm than the original pain because it is being forced out.  When you forcefully release pain it tears the spiritual bodies thus opening you up to more trauma than you had before.

I advise people to be gentle as you are repairing yourself from damage you have suppressed or imposed upon yourself often for many years.

It is not a race to see who can cleanse themselves the fastest, also it is not about making an exhibition of yourself in front of others as it is a labor of love restoring yourself to be a better person and more knowledgeable about yourself.  You are like a unique antique which you smooth and polish lovingly to shine once more.

Your soul wants to release and heal so your pain is finished.  It is the mind which energizes itself on triggering memories to keep you stuck in a cycle of mental anguish and suffering and to hold you back from finding happiness.

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 Simply be you, live your life simply


These are my methods of natural healing and have been channeled from my Soul.

I am unable to guarantee you will have the same experiences.

In no way do I infer I am a medical doctor and cannot provide medical advice.

None of the information I share should be used as a replacement for seeking medical attention.

You are responsible for the decisions you make regarding your health.