Healing and Balancing

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Healing and Balancing

After going through all the processes it is important to heal and balance your physical and spiritual bodies.

Why?   When you release negativity from your physical or spiritual bodies it leaves gaps or holes and these need to be filled with positivity as you would not want a new negative emotion to take up the empty position.

You can combine the two small prayers or affirmations

Holy Angelic Healing

I NOW ask the Holy Archangel Raphael and your Holy Healing Angels to repair all damage or illnesses heal and fill me with the spirit of Love Light and Life. I NOW ask that all portals and access points are sealed securely, making them impassable and impossible to reopen.

Balance with Mother Earth

I NOW expand the Love from my soul into my physical and spiritual bodies filling every atom with the spirit of Love, Light and Life.

I NOW expand the love from my soul to Mother Earth’s Soul, Mother Earth receives and accepts the love from my soul.

Mother Earth expands the love from her soul to me and I receive and accept her love.  Mother Earth’s Soul Love grounds and balances me always.

I NOW belong.

I AM NOW grateful.


As you accept your issues and release them you will find many health problems will begin to clear.  The longer the issue has been suppressed the more likely it has created an illness.

You will gradually become more energized and healthier as you peel away the issues and even lose weight.

You may be aware of more serious events in your life where it has become apparent that you are being psychic attacked.  This will require a different approach and work to remove it.  Dedicated effort and determination is needed to stop the psychic attacks.

Soul Healing is the safest way to heal at your pace and understanding.

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 Simply be you, live your life simply


These are my methods of natural healing and have been channeled from my Soul.

I am unable to guarantee you will have the same experiences.

In no way do I infer I am a medical doctor and cannot provide medical advice.

None of the information I share should be used as a replacement for seeking medical attention.

You are responsible for the decisions you make regarding your health.