Appendix and Glossary

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Useful Affirmations

These are all positive affirmations and should be written in Blue Ink and recited daily or often.  If you can try to visualize your new state of being.


I AM NOW FREE of all constraints

I AM NOW Loved by everyone

I AM NOW surrounded by good people

I AM NOW invisible to all who stalk me or wish to harm me

I AM NOW FREE of all harassment

I AM NOW FREE of all revenge

I AM NOW FREE of all venom

I AM NOW FREE of all pain

I AM NOW FREE of all trauma

I AM NOW FREE of all poverty

I AM NOW FREE of all cancer

I AM NOW FREE of all hardship

I AM NOW full of my Soul Love

I AM NOW proud of me

I AM NOW beautiful inside and out.  Everyone can see this.

I NOW know The Divine Manifestor manifested me and loves me as I AM.


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Access Point                         This is point from where psychics can access you either                                                              through a connection, link or they may have given you an                                                          item to keep in your home so they can attack you from there.

Aspect                                    Characteristic or Feature

Autonomy                             Personal independence

Clairaudient                         Able to hear spiritually or psychically

Clairvoyant                           Able to see spiritual visions or psychic visions

Embedded                              Enclosed firmly

Energy Vampires                  People who absorb your energy and make you feel drained.                                                       They are also known as Psychic Vampires.

Impose                                    To be made to do something

Objectively                              Undistorted by emotion, without emotions

Portals                                     They are openings created in your spiritual bodies either by                                                      you or Negative people around you. This is where the                                                                  connections and links from you and to other people exist.

Psychic Vampires                People who absorb or feed off your energy to keep                                                                        themselves alive or to energise themselves.  These people                                                          rarely get ill because they feed off so many good people.  You                                                    will feel drained and washed out when you around these                                                            people.

Spiritual Bodies                  These are the etheric layers of energy which surround your                                                       physical body and connect to your energy centers and Soul to                                                   the Divine.

Suppress                              Control yourself by hiding emotions

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 Simply be you, live your life simply


These are my methods of natural healing and have been channeled from my Soul.

I am unable to guarantee you will have the same experiences.

In no way do I infer I am a medical doctor and cannot provide medical advice.

None of the information I share should be used as a replacement for seeking medical attention.

You are responsible for the decisions you make regarding your health.